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Terms & Conditions


General Description of Nature and Scope of Business:

TAKIGO INC. (hereinafter the “Company”), is a business incorporated under the Companies Act, 2019, with its corporate workplace at 207 East Diamond Avenue, Hazleton, PA 18201.The Company has produced an online system called “Takigo” which can be accessed at Takigo works as an intermediary e-commerce marketplace facilitating rideshare services.

Takigo technology facilitates carpooling services by matching drivers of forhire vehicles with individuals needing rides. The Company provides unbeatable service in a sustainable industry by connecting consumers with readily available service providers on its platform.

The Company offers the Takigo marketplace as a system for customers to transact at their own expense. The Company matches a passenger with a licensed TNC driver in advance of a prearranged trip. The Company will hire drivers as independent contractors (1099) to render services to passengers who book a trip through the Takigo platform.

The Company will ensure that all drivers comply with local and state safety regulations at all times. The Company’s mission is to provide safe, insured trips, with professional drivers at all times. The Company is also committed to the environment and strives to provide trips through electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions.   

        No discriminate policies

        Pursuant to Chapter 26 a transportation network company or its’ drivers may not discriminate against a prospective passenger or unlawfully refuse to provide service to a certain class of passengers or to certain localities or destinations.            TAKIGO shall not impose any additional charges for service for person with disabilities, where available, TAKIGO will dispatch a wheelchair-accessible vehicle if one is requested by the passenger on the platform. If a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is unavailable, TAKIGO will direct the passenger to an alternative authorized transportation service provider who can dispatch a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. TAKIGO has a strict policy of nondiscrimination regarding individuals with disabilities in accordance with Pennsylvania State law.

          Drivers must transport a service animal when accompanying a passenger with a disability for no additional charge unless the driver has a documented medical allergy. Service animals must ride in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. It is a violation of Pennsylvania State law to place a service animal in any part of a vehicle other than the passenger compartment

  Takigo prohibits to discriminate against people. This means that drivers may not (1) use our customers to wrongfully target service specific groups of people or wrongfully exclude specific groups of people from providing service; or  expressing in a discriminatory way while representing Takigo. Takigo Drivers and customers are also required to comply with applicable laws that prohibit discrimination . These include laws that prohibit discriminating against groups of people in connection with, for example, offers of housing, employment, and credit.

Any United States drivers in the United States  All TAKIGO drivers must comply with this policy

Vehicle Safety Program:

In accordance with Chapter 26, all TAKIGO INC. drivers must operate vehicles that meet the following qualifications:  --Vehicle must be a four door sedan, hatchback or SUV; 

-Vehicle must be able to seat at least four (4) passengers excluding the driver;

-Vehicles must be no more than 10 years old; or 12 years old if the vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle;

- Vehicle must have less than 350,000 miles;  Vehicle must be registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles;

- Vehicle must have passed annual vehicle safety inspection test from a Department of Transportation approved inspection station; and

- Vehicle must remain in continuous compliance with above requirements. {11985096:1} All drivers will be required to meet these standards to operate on the Company’s platform.

            In order to ensure all requirements are met, drivers must upload a copy of their valid registration, annual certificate of inspection for review, prior to becoming an active driver on the platform. If at any time these documents expire, the Company will notify the Driver and immediately suspend dispatch to the noncompliant vehicle, until valid updated documentation is provided. Driver will be required to update annual inspection documentation on a yearly basis. The data from the annual inspection will be used to track the mileage and age of the vehicle With regard to mileage and age of vehicle, the Company will track which vehicles are close to the 10 or 12 year cut off point, respectively, as well as the 350,000 mileage cap. If the driver is approaching the limit, the Company will notify the driver in advance that the vehicle must be replaced for a newer model in order to continue operation. If the driver does not provide proof of a replacement vehicle approved by the Public Utility Commission, the driver will be suspended from the platform until proof of compliance with all above requirements is provided.

          TAKIGO INC. drivers must display their respective TNC placard in vehicle’s front windshield when engaged in TNC service, drivers will be notified of this policy upon sign up with the company. Drivers will be suspended from the platform, if a customer reports that the placard is not properly displayed in the vehicle. The driver will have the opportunity to provide proof, in the form of a time and date stamped photo or video, clearly showing the placard in the front windshield of the vehicle. If the driver provides satisfactory proof, the suspension from Takigo will be lifted and the driver will be allowed to resume operations.

         TAKIGO INC. reserves the right to deactivate or suspend the driver at any time, if the driver fails to comply with the aforementioned requirements.


    Customer Service Standards:

      TAKIGO INC. is committed to providing excellent customer service to passengers using the Takigo application. Our drivers will be trained to provide professional driving service that is courteous, respectful and creates a positive experience for the passenger. If the customer is dissatisfied with the service received or has another concern, we welcome passengers to contact the Company either through the application, phone or email. We will make every effort to resolve the passenger’s issue internally. If the matter cannot be resolved internally, or the matter is a violation of Chapter 26, the Company will provide passenger with the necessary information to file complaints with the Public Utility Commission (PUC). The Company will notify passengers that a complaint can be filed in writing, on the PUC website at: a response to the complaint is not received within 15 business days, the passenger may contact the Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement at (717) 787-7598.

Requirement to drive for Takigo inc

We are a leading provider of innovative  rides safety as a solution to earn income is Sharing Economy. As part of our hiring , certain information is required to determine active coverage with Takigo.
     Please check every step and requirement , employee, fleet or company control procedures are met. Variations are subject to g review & approval and may result in adjustments to coverage pricing & terms (subject to the specifics of each driver,  employee, fleet, company’s operations & business model). This form does not guarantee Takigo active service will be offered.
A completed form will allow Takigo and affiliates to evaluate your company as quickly & efficiently as possible and to
provide the most appropriate coverage, pricing & terms.



   Takigo difference is great price & service for your long ride we take pride in what we do.


 Takigo Drivers must provide digital photos of all four sides of their vehicle to be stored in their Driver File

 Takigo Driver vehicles are inspected by one of our employees or Pennsylvania state certified inspection Center

 Takigo Driver Vehicles are required to provide a copy of a vehicle inspection done by a Pennsylvania state certified inspection Center.

 Takigo staff will randomly be doing spot checks on the Takigo drivers by utilizing our App and being picked up as well to check vehicle cleanliness, appearance, 

and driver driving techniques customer service.

  If you have an issue with driver service you may also

  If a response to the complaint is not received within 15 business days, the passenger may contact the Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement at (717) 787-7598.

                                                  Basic Driver Qualifications:

    Drivers to operate a vehicle on Takigo behalf if:

  Takigo Drivers have a valid, in-state driver’s license.

  Takigo Drivers are age 23 or older.
 Takigo 23 or older, the applicant must have a driver’s license for one or more years
              and meet or exceed the Driving Record & Motor Vehicle Report Qualifications set forth below.

  Takigo Drivers provide proof of valid automobile insurance for the vehicle they will be driving that meets or exceeds the minimum financial responsibility limits of the state of Pennsylvania.


Driving Record & Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Qualifications:

  -Takigo Prior to hiring a Driver, you agree to summit a  MVR. You also agree to review their updated
               MVR at least Quarterly or when requested when operating on behalf.

  -Takigo agree to maintain files for each of your Takigo Drivers and keep their MVR records for no less
   than 2 years after last date of service.

   1. Takigo will not permit a Driver to operate a vehicle on Takigo behalf if the Driver’s MVR does no meet the criteria         below:
   2.Takigo drivers No more than three minor violations in the past three years including accidents, traffic
              light violations, speeding, or moving violations.
   3.Takigo drivers No violations in the past three years for driving on a suspended, revoked or invalid
    license or insurance.
   4.Takigo No DUI or other drug-related driving violation in the last seven years.
   5.Takigo No driving-related convictions for hit-and-run, speeding 100+ mph, reckless driving,
street racing, or speed contest.

Background & Criminal Check drivers  must provide a national background check prior to hiring.
approved Drivers will have no criminal convictions in the last seven years for any of the following:
                                               No A violent crime
                                               No Any felony
                                               No Any driving related offense
                                               No Any sexual offense, child abuse or endangerment
                                               No Any terror affiliated offense

     Major Violations: (Automatic Termination of Driver Status)


                   - Refusal to submit to a lawful request of blood, urine, or breath test

                   - Eluding or Evading Police

                   - Vehicular Homicide or Assault

                   - Driving with a suspended or revoked license

                   - Hit and Run (Failure to Stop or Report)

                   - Use of Vehicle while committing a felony

                   - Excessive Speeding (speed over 21 mph over posted limit)

                   - Failure to stop for a School Bus

                             Minor Violations and Minor Accidents: 1 Pt on Takigo Scale


                    - Failure to Yield or Failure to Stop - Careless Driving (not reckless)

                    - Illegal Turn - Distracted Driving(including texting)

                    - Improper Lane Change - Minor Speeding Violation

                    - Improper use of lane (Carpool lane violation) - Other Moving Violations which are

                    - Driving without Proof of Insurance not considered Major Violations.

                    - Following Too Close - Accident under $50K in damages

                    - Driving too slow/too fast for conditions.


           No points are awarded on parking or other “non-moving” violations.

Probationary Driver Status – Drivers are evaluated monthly and those with 3 incidents or Takigo Driver Points will be placed on probationary status Vehicle Selection and Screening Process:

                                 We will be utilizing standards that appear common to the industry regarding vehicle selection.

The standards include:


* Vehicles will show no signs of visible damage

* Owners must perform regular maintenance on vehicle and sign statement to Takigo that vehicle will be kept in proper working condition.

* Vehicles must be 8 passenger or less


  drivers Vehicle Requirements & Inspection


   All vehicles driven on drivers  behalf have the following qualifications:

  -Four door sedan, hatchback or SUV, must be able to seat at least four passengers excluding the Driver

  -No vehicle being used to provide transportation Takigo network service may be older than 10 model years old or 12        model years if the vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle.

  -In-state license plates

  -Current registration

  -Pass the vehicle inspection test. drivers all vehicles driven on drivers must pass a vehicle inspection. At a minimum, the
   vehicle inspection shall confirm the good working order of brakes, tires, steering, windshield,
   headlights, taillights, safety belts, speedometer, muffler and exhaust system, doors, etc.
-All drivers to submit a copy of the passed inspection to you before becoming an active Driver.
- Agree to provide a copy of the completed & passed vehicle inspection upon request. drivers  must provide a clean car inside and outside presentable good smell provide candy unopened drinks 


  Fleet & Driver Safety
-All drivers will maintain their vehicle per their state's vehicle safety requirements stipulate not to advertise a guaranteed delivery time or require Drivers

      Confidential & Proprietary perform their duties within a specific period of time. drivers agree to reviewed Terms of Service and Privacy Policy provide to you as a drivers in
advance of hiring that they must accept in writing or electronically.
- drivers  participate in a Driver Safety Program , 24/7 support, what to do in the event
    of an incident, avenue for anonymous feedback.
- drivers agree to provide a good rating from customers feedback between Drivers and Riders.
  Takigo will monitored and reward affiliate by the platform for safety and Terms of Service violations.

   Distracted Driving Policy driver agree to comply with Distracted Driving Policy.
- drivers are not to be accompanied by any other persons, other than platform
employees, while operating the vehicle, except Rider’s guests.
-All drivers must utilize a hands-free device or Bluetooth technology when using a
mobile phone while driving or pull off the road to a safe area if they do not have a
hands-free device or Bluetooth technology.


-All Takigo drivers may not eat while driving or a passenger  on board.
- Takigo drivers are not permitted to use headphones while driving.

- Takigo drivers will agree to provide a smoke free environment.

- Takigo drivers will  agree to keep a neutral service not to engage in profanity offensive controversial conversation with riders for any reason.

Insurance Coverage While Driving for Takigo


           Welcome to Takigo’s Transportation Network Platform. We look forward to providing a quality experience to our drivers and our passengers and have put together insurance programs to meet or exceed industry standards. Understanding your insurance is important and we are here to help with any questions.


            When you are driving for a Transportation Network (TNC) such as Takigo coverage applies differently based on the “period” you are in on the APP. These periods are as follows:


Period 0 (P0) - When the APP is Off

During Period 0 your Personal Policy is responsible for your insurance. No Coverage is provided by Takigo during P0.


        Period 1 (P1) – App is on and you are waiting for a ride request

During Period 1 Takigo provides third-party liability for covered accidents if your personal insurance does not apply.

· $125,000 Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage Per Accident


       Period 2 (P2) – App is on, and you have received a ride request and are going to pick up your passenger(s)

During Period 2 Takigo provides for covered accidents.

· $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for Third-Party Liability

· $ 125,000 Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury and/or first-party coverage

· Contingent Comprehensive and Collision up to the actual cash value of your car less a $2,500 Deductible. If not covered by your Personal Insurance Policy.


      Period 3 (P3) – App is mon, and you are transporting passenger(s)

During Period 3 Takigo provides for covered accidents.

· $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for Third-Party Liability

· $ 125,000 Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury and/or first-party coverage

· Contingent Comprehensive and Collision up to the actual cash value of your car less a $2,500 Deductible. If not covered by your Personal Insurance Policy.       

      Takigo inc Technologies Private Limited, a business incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, with its corporate workplace at 207 E Diamond Hazleton, PA 18201 (hereinafter described as the "Company") has produced an intermediary online system by the name Takigo, (hereinafter referred to as the "Site", "Website", "Platform" or "Takigo") which works as an intermediary e-commerce marketplace. The marketplace is a platform for domestic consumers to negotiate with third party vendors, who have actually been given accessibility to the Site. The Company does not give any kind of solutions to customers besides offering the marketplace as a system to transact at their very own expense and danger, and also other services as may be especially be notified in creating. The Company is not and also can not be a party to any purchase in between you and also the third party sellers or vehicle rickshaw driver, or have any kind of control, involvement or influence over the items bought by you or solutions gotten by you from such third party sellers/ car motorists. (Hereinafter with each other referred to a "Products as well as Services"). The said Products and Services are explained thoroughly in clause 4 hereunder.

             By accessing and/or using the Website the user 1 recognizes that he/she has actually reviewed comprehended as well as consents to be legitimately bound by the conditions and terms set forth in this document. If you do not accept follow therefore User Contract (the "Contract"), you are not allowed to gain access to or make use of the Website. All message, graphics, design, material, as well as other works are copyrighted works of Firm. The Firm acknowledges proprietary rights of third parties presented on the Website.

For purpose of this Arrangement the terms "we", "us" or "our", refer to Takigo or Firm individual mutually. When you make use of the services offered on the Site, you grant our collection, usage, and also disclosure of details about you as defined both in this Agreement and the Personal privacy Plan showed on the Website.

The information consisted of on or connected to this Site is basic information only. Absolutely nothing on this Website is or claims to be guidance. You ought to not depend on any info on or connected to this Site. If you require suggestions, you should look for personal expert guidance based upon your very own circumstances.


The services that we at Takigo offer to user goes through the adhering to conditions and also terms:

This Agreement regulates the use of particular specific product included on the Website, sets forth the terms and conditions that apply to use of the Site by User. By using the Website, user accepts follow every one of the problems and also terms hereof. The right to use Website is personal to user and also is not transferable to any other person or entity. Customer is in charge of all use user's account (under any kind of display name or password) and for making certain that all use individual's account complies completely with the provisions of this Agreement. User will be in charge of safeguarding the privacy of user's password( s), if any.We shall have the right any time to discontinue any facet or alter or attribute of Website, consisting of, yet not restricted to, web content, product, and also third-party communication web link 2 (here after described as "Third Party Websites") required for accessibility or use.


On the Website, you have the capability to contrast 3rd party services and products, consisting of discounts being offered by such third parties on the sale of its product or services. We permit or provide access to web sites organized by other third parties, including the possibility to contrast various services supplied by 3rd parties.

ALTERED TERMS The Company shall have the right at any moment to alter or modify the terms applicable to user's use Website, or any type of part thereof, or to impose new conditions, including, but not restricted to, including costs as well as costs for use. Such changes, additions, deletions or alterations shall work when notice thereof, which might be given by methods consisting of, yet not limited to, uploading on Website, or by conventional or digital mail, or by any other means whereby customer gets notification thereof. Any type of use of Website by user after such notice shall be regarded to constitute acceptance by customer of such adjustments, modifications or additions.

SERVICE AGREEMENT a technology system that makes it possible for individuals of Takigo's mobile application or site provided as part of the Services to arrange as well as arrange transportation and/or logistics services with independent third party suppliers of such solutions, consisting of independent 3rd party transport carriers and also independent 3rd party logistics carriers under arrangement with affiliates (" Third Party Providers").

Takigo is additionally a system for domestic customers to transact with 3rd party vendors, that have been granted accessibility to the Site to display and also use products for sale with the Site. For bountiful clearness, the Company does not give any type of solutions to customers other than providing the Site as a platform to transact at their very own price as well as risk, and also various other services as may be especially be alerted in composing. The Company is not and can not be a party to any deal between you and the 3rd party vendors, or have any type of control, involvement or influence over the items purchased by you from such 3rd party vendors or the prices of such items billed by such third-party sellers. The Company consequently disclaims all liabilities and also guarantees associated with any items used on the Site. Provider on the Site are available to just select geographies in Pennsylvania, and also are subject to constraints based upon organisation hrs and days of third party sellers. Deals with the Site might be subject to a shipment charge where the minimum order dimension is not satisfied. You will certainly be notified of such distribution fee at the stage of check-out for a deal via the Marketplace.


User will be in charge of keeping all telephone and also obtaining, computer, software program and other devices needed for access to and use Website and all fees associated thereto


User shall use the Website for authorized purposes only. Individual shall not publish or transfer through the Website any product which infringes or goes against at all upon the legal rights of others, which is unlawful, threatening, abusive, maligning, invasive of privacy or attention rights, vulgar, salacious, otherwise objectionable or profane, which motivates conduct that would certainly constitute a crime, give rise to civil liability or otherwise break any regulation, or which, without our specific previous authorization, consists of marketing or any type of solicitation relative to Products as well as Services. Any conduct by individual that in our discretion limits or inhibits any other user from using or appreciating the Website will certainly not be allowed.

User might not change, publish, copy, reproduce, transfer, take part in the transfer or sale, create derivative jobs, or whatsoever exploit, any of the material, in entire or partially, other than as otherwise expressly permitted under copyright legislation, no duplicating, redistribution, retransmission, publication or commercial exploitation of Website's product will certainly be permitted without specific authorization of the Company and/ or the copyright owner.User recognizes that it does not acquire any kind of ownership rights by downloading and install copyrighted material. The User shall not publish, article or otherwise provide on the Website any material protected by copyright, trademark or any other exclusive right without specific consent of the proprietor of the copyright, trademark or other exclusive right and the problem of identifying that any type of material is not protected by copyright rests with individual. Customer will be exclusively accountable for any type of damage arising from any kind of violation of copyrights, proprietorships, or any other damage resulting from such an entry. By sending material to any public area or the Website, customer immediately grants or warrants that the proprietor of such product has actually expressly provided Takigo royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right as well as license to utilize, recreate, customize, adjust, release, convert and also distribute such material (in whole or partly) worldwide and/or to include it in other operate in any kind of type, media or innovation currently understood or hereafter developed for the full term of any type of copyright that may exist in such material. Individual additionally allows any other user to view, shop, as well as accessibility or reproduce the product for that customer's personal usage. Individual hereby gives the Company the right to edit, copy, publish and disperse any kind of material made available on the Website by user.


             If any of our services need customer to open up an account, user has to complete the enrollment procedure by supplying us with existing, accurate and complete details as prompted by the appropriate enrollment form. Customer also will pick a user and also a password name. Customer is completely in charge of maintaining the privacy of user's password and also account. In addition, user is entirely responsible for any kind of and all tasks that occur under user's account. Individual consents to inform the Company right away of any type of unauthorized use of customer's account or any other violation of protection. The Company will not be responsible for any loss that user might sustain as a result of somebody else using user's password or account, either with or without customer's understanding. Nonetheless, customer could be held accountable for losses sustained by the Company or an additional event due to another person using user's account or password. Customer may not use anybody else's account any time, without the authorization of the account owner.



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            The Website is provided on an "as is" basis without service warranties of any type of kind, either share or indicated, consisting of, however not restricted to, guarantees of title or implied service warranties of merchantability or fitness for a specific objective, aside from those service warranties which are suggested by and unable of exclusion, constraint or alteration under the legislations applicable to this Agreement.

Notification of liability: despite normal controls, the Company is not liable for the web content of external 3rd party sites. The owners of these websites are fully in charge of the web content of the connected pages. If you notice outside pages with immoral or unlawful content, please call us. The lawful details in this Agreement additionally puts on the Company's social networks electrical outlets, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on

            This limitation of liability puts on any kind of damages or injury triggered by any type of failure of performance, error, non inclusion, interruption, deletion, issue, delay in operation or transmission, bug, communication line failure, damage or theft or unauthorized accessibility to, modification of, or use of record, whether for breach of contract, tortuous habits, carelessness, or under any other source of action. User especially acknowledges that Takigo is not liable for defamatory, illegal or offending conduct of various other individuals or third-parties which the risk of injury from the foregoing rests completely with individual.In no event will certainly customer or anyone or entity associated with developing the Website be accountable for any damages, consisting of, without limitation, straight, indirect, incidental, unique, and vindictive or consequential damages arising out of using or inability to utilize Website. Customer hereby acknowledges that the arrangements of this area will relate to all material on the site.In addition to the terms set forth above neither, Takigo neither its associates, information companies or material companions will be liable despite the reason or period, for any mistakes, errors, omissions, or other issues in, or untimeliness or authenticity of the info contained within the Website, or for any type of delay or interruption in the transmission thereof to the user, or for any claims or losses emerging there from or occasioned consequently. None of the foregoing events will be liable for any kind of third-party cases or losses of any nature, including, however not restricted to, lost earnings, consequential or punitive problems. Force majeure Takigo and affiliate will certainly not be in charge of any failure or delay in efficiency as a result of circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, disaster, war, riot, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floodings, mishaps, service outages resulting from equipment and/or software program failure and/or telecommunications failings, power failings, network failings, failures of 3rd party company (consisting of suppliers of internet solutions and telecoms). The celebration affected by any such event shall alert the various other party within an optimum of fifteen (15) days from its occurrence. The performance of this Arrangement will then be put on hold for as long as any such event will protect against the afflicted event from executing its responsibilities under this Agreement.


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Individual consents to safeguard, compensate as well as hold safe the Company, its associates and their particular supervisors, police officers, employees as well as agents from and also against all claims and expenses, consisting of lawyer's costs, occurring out of the use of Web site by individual.


Takigo will have the right, yet not the commitment, to check the web content of Website, including 3rd party websites, to establish conformity with any kind of operating and also this agreement guidelines established by Takigo and also to please any kind of law, law or authorized government demand. Without limiting the foregoing, we will deserve to get rid of any type of product that Takigo in its sole discretion, finds to be in offense of the stipulations hereof or otherwise unacceptable.

Takigo is only a Middleman as well as consequently does not make certain that deals you perform online is in a protected as well as secure. To accomplish this, please review the regards to usage, privacy plan and also any other policies or arrangements laid out on each particular third party web site whose service the customer might determine to make use of at an offered time.


Either Takigo or user might terminate this Arrangement at any time. Without limiting the foregoing, Takigo will have the right to quickly end individual's account in case of any type of conduct by customer which Takigo in its sole discernment, thinks about to be inappropriate, or in the event of any kind of violation by individual of this Contract.


Any kind of operating and this contract guidelines for Internet site developed by Takigo constitute the whole arrangement of the events relative to the topic hereof, and also supersede all previous created or dental arrangements in between the celebrations relative to such subject matter.


The names of real companies, internet sites, items and also services mentioned here and also on the Site, may be the trademarks of their corresponding owners. Takigo recognizes the proprietorships of the trademarks of various other celebrations pointed out both in this document and also on the Web site. Any civil liberties not specifically provided herein are booked.


By utilizing the Site, you grant the regards to our Agreement and also to the Site's handling of details for the objectives provided above.


If you have any complaint associating with this Contract, you may email our complaint policeman at
We at Takigo take all practical procedures to protect our computer system systems as well as details consisted of therein following the affordable security method and also treatments recommended in the Infotech (Affordable Security Practices as well as Procedures as well as Sensitive Individual Info Guidelines, 2020).


If any stipulation of this Contract is considered gap, otherwise void or unlawful for any kind of reason, that stipulation will be cut from this Arrangement and also the staying provisions of this Arrangement will continue to be effective. This has the whole Agreement in between the firm and also the individual worrying your use of the Website. If you have inquiries relating to the Agreement, please email:


This Contract shall be regulated by and also construed based on the regulations of as well as courts in Hazleton, Pennsylvania only shall have territory over any type of conflict emerging out of or associating with this Arrangement, and each celebration hereby grant the territory and location of such courts.

We welcome your comments regarding this privacy statement at the contact address given at the App. Should there be any concerns about contravention of this Privacy Policy, we will employ all commercially reasonable efforts to address the same. The terms in this Policy may be changed by us at any time. Should you have concerns regarding this Policy or the Services that we offer, please feel free to write to us.

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